Review Ratings

Reviewing and rating books is a very personal exercise. We all enjoy or dislike books for different reasons. No two people will read, think, or feel exactly the same.
Therefore, I've created my personal rating as followed:

6-stars: This is reserved for very special books; books I fell hard and fast for. Stories and characters I dearly love and admire. A writing style that mesmerizes me and I couldn't read fast enough. Books that stay with me forever. I'll add them to my all-time-favorite-shelf and even buy the paperback. On every occasion, I'll bring said book up and rave about it like a mad woman and you'll definitely roll your eyes at me because I can't seem to shut up about said book!

5-stars: I absolutely loved this book and think that everyone should read it. It was the kind of book I could not put down and one that I will share my love for wherever I go. In fact, you might get sick of hearing about it from me! It'll be most likely added to my all-time-favorite shelf.

4-stars: This was a great read and I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it. I connected with the characters and thought the book was well written. Only minor things bothered me during reading or were missing.

3-stars: This was an OK read, however, there were several things missing for me to make it a great read. For example, I may have not connected completely with the characters or there was something in the plot/writing style that bothered me; It may have been too predictable, indicated some plot-holes etc. . It was an OK book and would randomly recommend it.

2-stars: This book wasn't really my taste and I probably wouldn't recommend it (if asked by a fellow reader I'll explain why). This will be because of a variety of reasons, generally I didn't enjoy the writing style, the characters or the story line enough to make this an easy read. Too many plot holes, lack of cohesiveness, etc. I won't write a comprehensive review about this book but will explain (in short 1-2 paragraphs) why this book wasn't my cup of tea. Said explanation will be posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

1-star: I would not recommend this book as I did not connect at all with the story, characters or writing. Most likely I DNF it; thus, I won't bother writing a review.

** Note: Despite receiving ARCs (advanced reader copies) from authors and/or publishers it won't influence my review of said book.

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