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Besides reviewing books, I also offer other services for authors. Please read through this page to determine what kind of service you're interested in - thank you!


** Until further notice I can't accept new review requests **

If you're a publisher, author, or PR company and you'd like me to review your/a book please contact me by email:  
Unless I receive a request from a publisher, I usually review books on my own schedule (if not agreed upon otherwise) because I want to enjoy a book and not feel pressured.

Please know that my policy is to always give an honest review of all books I read.  My reviews will be posted on the blog, Goodreads and Amazon. If I rate a book lower than 3-stars, I will post a short review on my blog (2 short paragraphs), Goodreads and Amazon, explaining why the book didn't work for me.

Authors, if you're new to me and want to request a review, please include the following in your email:

  • Name of your book with a Goodreads link (if available)
  • Is it a standalone or part of a serial? 
  • Blurb
  • Excerpt (so I can get an idea of your writing)

Proofreading Services     
Due to my passion for literature and being an avid reader, I'm offering two additional services for authors. In order to fully understand what my services entail I've listed them on my separate page, From A Whisper to A Dream

Virtual Assistant Service     
The life of an author, worrying about deadlines, book releases, WIP, and family can be overwhelming and stressful at times. A day has only 24 hours and it's difficult to get everything done without neglecting one of the many things on your to-do list; thus, it's profitable to have a Virtual Assistant who you can rely on, that helps you to stay on track (or keeping you sane) by taking over your pesky virtual duties, such as: interacting with Facebook/Twitter/Street team readers, managing/organizing giveaways, sending out ARCs, and so on.

What's a VA? Well, I like to say I keep an author's virtual world organized when he/she needs it the most. I take care of everything virtual (unless agreed differently), only communicate/regulate things via computer or phone, and support as well as stabilize an author's digital marketing progress. 

Detailed Services I Offer:

  • Facebook/Twitter management
    - Updating social media pages with sales, teaser images and other promotional items, which are provided by the author beforehand!
    - Answering questions from readers about future releases, signing, forward inquiry to author and more.
  • Street team management
    - Updating social media pages with sales, teaser images and other promotional items, which are provided by the author beforehand!
    - Answering questions from readers about future releases, signing, 
    forward inquiry to author and more.
  • ARC/book review management
    - creating Google doc sign-ups, sending out ARCs to bloggers/readers
  • Facebook giveaways
    - Setting up social media giveaways
    - Responsible for keeping track of winners, sending prizes and/or e-books, gathering winner's mailing addresses. (recommended for month-to-month or full-time VA position).
  • US mailing of promotional items (expenses will be reimbursed by author)
  • Accompanying author at signings and other promotional events (upon request and agreed on partial paid accommodation or flight expense) 
 ➜ If a service you need isn't listed, please don't hesitate to ask. Because every author has different, individual needs, I'm more than happy to create a custom service/quote for you! 

Authors can choose between two packages:
1) Week-to-week plan: This contract allows an author to seek out help on busier weeks (having a release coming up, WIP, being on vacation etc.), needing an extra pair of hands but doesn't want/need a longer commitment. The hours and services needed will be determined beforehand. The hour price starts with $22.

2) Month-to-month plan: With this plan an author commits to a whole month, agreeing to a minimum of 20 hours of work on my part and up to 25 hours. The hour price starts $20.

**DISCLAIMER: All invoices will be send out after an agreed amount of hours, what the author's service entails,and prior to work begin. Authors are responsible for sending/forwarding giveaway prizes and to reimburse my expenses within seven (7) days. All packages can be changed (to add more hours only!) due to an author's need.
Lastly, if you're seeking a full-time VA, please send me your book beforehand - if I haven't read and enjoyed your work already - in order to determine if we're a good fit.

Thank you!

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