Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mini Book Review: Sincerely, Arizona by Whitney G.

Sincerely, Arizona (Sincerely Series, #1.5)
by Whitney G.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Just friends.
We're just friends.
No, wait. We're no longer just friends ...

*** this can not be read as a standalone, this is only an EXTENDED EPILOGUE (50pages) of Sincerely, Carter, which is a full-length standalone and ends in a HEA. Epilogue is also for FREE on Amazon ***

Purchase link for Sincerely Carter:
My review for Sincerely, Carter can be read HERE.

Sincerely, Arizona:

"I loved you then. I love you now. And I always will ... "

These two characters just deserve a mini review and another shout-out; I mean how could I not write something after reading such sweet extended epilogue?! I loved those 50 + pages reading how Carter and Arizona's love-bubble continues. Did I mention how much I missed Carter's mouth? Well, I did a lot. I think he's by far one of my favorite characters ever, mostly because his humor and dirty mind mirrors my own *but psssh don't tell anyone ;) 

But in all seriousness now, as most of you know, SINCERELY, CARTER, is one of my top favorite read of this year and one of my favorite friends-to-lover book ever - usually I'm not into these super cute and fluffy romance books, hence why you can believe me when I say this book DID IT for me. I was craving more and finally Whitney sent out the extended epilogue and reading it LAST NIGHT rocked my boat! 

"You were my first kiss, my first date that I actually enjoyed, and the first woman I fell in love with ... "

If you, like me, craved more Carter and were dying to read more about them then snatch this free extended epilogue. It made me laugh, swoon and envy Ari again - Carter, he's such a catch!
I'm in love with Whitney's writing and I can say I'm genuinely looking forward to read more of her sweet and funny romance books.

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