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Review: Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole

DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT'S EDGE (Immortals After Dark,#4)
by Kresley Cole
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Naomi Laress, a famous ballerina from a past century, became a phantom the night she was murdered. Imbued with otherworldly powers but invisible to the living, she haunts her beloved home, scaring away trespassers -- until she encounters a ruthless 

To prevent him from harming others, Conrad Wroth's brothers imprison him in an abandoned manor. But there, a female only he can see seems determined to drive him further into madness. The exquisite creature torments him with desire, leaving his body racked with lust and his soul torn as he finds himself coveting her for his own.

Yet even if Conrad can win Naomi, evil still surrounds her. Once he returns to the brutality of his past to protect her, will he succumb to the dark needs seething inside him?

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** copy received by Gallery books in exchange for honest review - XOXperts **

Neomi was at the peak of her career, she was young, beautiful and one of New Orleans most talented ballerinas until the day tragedy struck. She got murdered on her celebration night, in her very own home by her ex fiance, stabbed in the heart. Since then she's roaming her beloved home, trapped in this world. For eighty years she's suffering, only existing, until the Wroth brothers bring in their brother Conrad, keeping him captive in her home.

The brothers have finally managed to capture their blood-hungry brother and in order to safe him he needs to stop his insanity - if not, The Forbearer (Vampires) will kill him. The brothers don't want to lose Conrad and try their best to turn him into the man they once knew. 

Conrad is furious that his brothers - whom he wanted to kill since 300 yrs for turning him into a monster - hold him captive. His thoughts make him go insane. After killing so many Lore creatures he not only gained their strength/abilities but also their thoughts and exactly those haunt him, driving him even madder. He has no hope for himself; once a vampire's eyes turn red from the bloodlust there's no going back - he knows it. Plus he's been marked by a dream demon and his wound won't heal.

- ...a dream demon, one who tracks him by this very injury. One who promised that  most coveted dream and most dreaded nightmare would follow the mark. - 

In a nutshell, Conrad has a ton of enemies who would love to see his head in a bag. He knew thus he didn't want to be held captive in this house....until she appeared.

He thinks he's now losing it completely, seeing and hearing a ghost, such a beautiful ghost. He feels himself feeling again but his instinct - the one that would tell him whether she is his bride or not -  doesn't alarm him, yet. The more he gets to know this beauty, spends time with her, the harder it's to resist his urges and wondering about the future (with her).

Neomi feels the same way; he's not only the first who can see her in eighty years but he's also the first who makes her yearn to be seen and touched - talking to him has become her addiction. It's been too long that she's forgotten how it feels and she knows deep down Conrad is redeemable. Her vampire, he must be, and she's determined to turn her  ghostly body into flesh even if it's only for one night. One night to finally feel his strong arms, his hot breath and body against her.

I've to say this book was a great surprise. First I wasn't sure if I'd like it due to the ghost issue and well, Conrad seemed hard to love from the bits I read in book two and three, but as usual Mrs. Cole delivered a great book, displaying that in the Lore nothing is impossible. This book was less about the steamy sex (there was but no comparison to book one till three) and more about redemption and getting a happy ending, showing how complex the Lore world and its creatures are. You'll definitely enjoy this read and I'm eager to finally read about these two hot demon brother ;)



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