Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book Review: The Whispers by Lisa Unger

THE WHISPERS (The Whispers Series, #1)
by Lisa Unger
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Supernatural

Eloise Montgomery discovers her amazing gift in the wake of tragedy in this first of three captivating e-shorts from award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger.

It’s a day like any other for Eloise Montgomery—until tragedy strikes. While she is recovering from a horrible accident that takes the lives of her husband and oldest daughter, and as she works to help her younger daughter move forward, Eloise experiences her first psychic vision. Though she struggles to understand her newfound gifts, Eloise finds a way use them to save lost women and girls—for whom her help may be the only way out…

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*** I have received this book as a member of the XOXperts, XOXO After Dark’s official street team, in exchange for an honest review. ***

Is it a gift or curse?
Eloise had the perfect family until a normal day turned into a nightmare, splitting her family in half. A fatal accident ripped her soul mate and one daughter from her, leaving her and her other daughters life and heart in shattered pieces. It was right then that she noticed a change, a change that either serves her as a curse or gift.

Still grieving the loss of her loved ones Eloise is confused, scared and somewhat helpless what's going on why she all of the sudden can hear and see things no one else can.

Lisa Unger wrote a quick but intriguing and suspenseful short story, giving the reader a taste of her ability to captivate them with her skillful storytelling. The Whispers scratches the surface of supernatural, thriller and suspense; so if you like such genre I do recommend it, especially since at the end of this novelette you can read an exclusive preview of Lisa Unger's next thriller: CRAZY LOVE YOU (which sounds amazing!!).  The Whispers is the first of three mini-series featuring Eloise's life and then in book three that of her granddaughter. 

Her writing style left me craving for more and I'll definitely check out her full length psychological suspense novel, CRAZY LOVE YOU .


*** 3 Whispering Stars ***


  1. This sounds very unique, and I really like a Romance with a side of PNR. Meaning the PNR is not the focus, only an aspect of it. However, I am not a huge fan of Serial Romance or Short Stories so I'm on the fence whether or not to read this one.
    Great Review Nadine!

    1. Hey Staci,
      I'm not sure I would label it as romance at all because it's a mini-series, meaning each book is only 60-80 pages long and has more psychological suspense in it than romance. It scratches the surface of Eloise's new-found psychic ability and what she sees - and it's very short. What happened with her family is only in the beginning but yes you feel her pain and it's a bit heart-breaking to read
      But the book I've linked into my review - CRAZY LOVE YOU - is a full length novel and standalone


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