Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review: Relent by Nina Levine

RELENT (Sydney Storm MC, #1)
by Nina Levine
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Evie Bishop grew up loving Kick Hanson. He loved her, too. They were inseparable. Best friends who looked out for each other. Until the day scandal hit their families and ripped everything apart, changing the course of all their lives. 

Kick follows a dangerous path that leads him to the Storm MC where he spends his days buried deep in a violent and lawless world that is slowly consuming his soul. Evie works hard to escape the hopelessness that threatens to swallow her after her family is ripped apart. She builds a stable life for herself, however it's devoid of the one thing she has always longed for - Kick. 

The love these two have for each other never wavers but sometimes in life, love isn't enough. Even in the times they find each other again, they can never make it work. Kick fights against bringing Evie into his world and Evie refuses a life with Kick if he won't fully commit to her. However, when circumstance throws them together again, Kick knows he must finally make her his. The trouble is, Evie's done. She loves him but she believes their chance to be together has long passed. 

When Kick finally stakes his claim, will Evie relent and give their love another go, or has Kick left it too long to go after the woman who has owned his heart forever? 

*** This is a spin off series to the Storm MC series. Readers do not have to read the Storm MC series to read this one. ***

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"I've always loved you and you've always been good enough."

Evie and Kick are currently my favorite biker couple out there! If a love is meant to be then it always finds its way back to its soul mate - fighting it is useless because the heart wants what the heart wants. Kick wants Evie and vise versa, but their relationship encountered some serious bumps, which broke them apart and left them hurting. 

"Love had packed up and walked out of my life a long time ago."

Kick and Evie have been friends since they were young teens and out of their friendship developed a deep love. A love that had no boundaries, no limits, and ran deeper then any ocean. 

Let's just say Kick messed up big times - no, don't worry he didn't cheat -  he thought he's doing the right thing but in the end he only hurt himself and the love of his life, Evie. He lost it all and what was left was an empty hole were once his heart beat for Evie; a love that kept him going and made him a better person. But now.....all was gone...only emptiness.

"...unless you've changed your idea of what being a couple is," I said softly. He leant his face close to mine. So close I could almost taste him. "Let me in, baby. Let me show you how I've changed."

The first book in Nina's Sydney Storm series hooked me and I can honestly say her writing was intriguing, the reading pace flawless and the characters lovable. I'll definitely continue reading this series to get to know the rest of this MC crew. 

Kick was a great hero: strong, alpha, dominant with a big heart - oh yeah and he had a dirty mouth! What else can a girl wish for ;) If you loved her previous books or are in general a biker book fan then this is another book to add to your tbr!!

"My mind had no choice because my heart had already made it."

*** 4-4.5 'I Want You Forever' Stars ***

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