Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review: Never Sleep Alone

by Dr. Alex Schiller

For the past three years in New York City, Dr. Alex (not a real doctor) has been performing her hit comedy and dating show “Never Sleep Alone” to sold out audiences, helping thousands of people from all over the world transform themselves and fulfill their sociosexual desires.

Now, with her signature blend of outrageous humor and profound wisdom, the celebrated guru has created an interactive sex and dating guide that takes you on a fantastic journey of exciting new adventures, self-discovery, and transformation.

With her nine NSA Principles, her compulsively quotable NSA Truths, and her interactive NSA Challenges, Dr. Alex inspires us all to laugh at ourselves, to make real human connections, and, most importantly, to Never Sleep Alone.

Unless we want to.

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*** I have received this book as a member of the XOXperts, XOXO After Dark’s official street team, in exchange for an honest review. ***

"Don't waste the best years of your life being fearful and mediocre. It is time to overcome your inhibitions, transform your existence, and become the Exceptional Individual you were meant to be."

Sounds good right?! I think so, too. 
From time to time I like to switch up my reading pattern and with Never Sleep Alone (NSA) I found the perfect book.

Are you single wishing to find the one? In a marriage that could use some spicing up? Or are you just looking to read something else? Whatever your situation is, this book is/can be for you. Don't start this book with a mind thinking something is wrong with you, rather see it as improvement-guide, helping you to feature the best parts of you. 

"A shortage of experience will lead to a surplus of expectations."

Dr. Schiller wrote with Never Sleep Alone a highly entertaining self-guide, helping women and men alike to escape their mediocre lives by gently forcing them to leave their comfort zone if seeking to find The One. In order to find The One, she states, one has to become The One.

Easier said then done. Living in such a fast-paced society we don't realize how much we depend on technology and are glued to our computers or cell phones wherever we go. By doing so we're unapproachable, seeming off limits to meet new and exciting people in life and wondering, "Is it me? Is something wrong with me?" that I don't meet someone. 

NSA is built around nine principles that slowly but surely will (if you really do follow her instructions) transform you to become The One everyone would like to be with, around with, or dying to talk to.  I know it seems funny and highly questionable but try to read this book with an open mind and you'll notice that a lot of things Dr. Schiller suggests are spot-on and make sense. 

" Desire is contagious. "

Who doesn't want to become a "Seductive, Self-Confident, and Sexually Skilled" person?! I certainly want to and the author helps by pushing us out of our routine and comfort zones with challenges to finally  become exactly the person we secretly all wish to be.

"When you are The One, you never chase after sex, romance, or love - because everyone is always chasing after YOU."

Take a chance on this entertaining and eye-opening book, no matter your relationship status - just remember to keep an open mind and not to take everything too serious, then you can and will enjoy this book.

*** 4.5 Become The One - Stars ***

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  1. This one is on my TBR and I'm excited to read it. It sounds original and empowering :)
    Great Review!

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed this book and just out of fun did a principal yesterday and I was successful. I laughed because I don't take my single life too seriously, you know, but the author def knows what she's talking about.
      If you like this book I do highly recommend 'Why Men Love Bitches'. Bitches aka strong women who tend to lose themselves during dating or in a relationship etc. It basically talks about to stay who you were because it's exactly THIS woman the man fell for. Keep me posted :)

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