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Book Review: Collateral by Callie Hart

COLLATERAL (Blood & Roses #6)
by Callie Hart
Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance

***Please make sure to read Deviant (FREEBIE!!) #1,Fracture #2,Burn #3,Fallen #4 and Twisted #5 before downloading this book.***

With Lacey missing and everything falling apart, Sloane and Zeth will do everything they can to get her back. If that includes facing off against Charlie Holsan, the DEA, and anyone else who gets in their way, then so be it. 

Faced with heartbreak, danger, and the increasing need to protect the ones he loves, Zeth Mayfair is finally realizing what it means to have a family. 

With her fears coming full circle, Sloane must learn that forgiveness is the only way to move forward.

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"I want to make you happy, Sloane. I want to keep you safe. This life isn't what you deserve."

Ladies, please hand me some tissues.... I'm sad, very sad to write this review. I pushed it off until the very last but I owe Callie, this series, and Zeth a review -we all have been 'together' since the very beginning . I believed in her, her writing, her talent that she'll make it and now seven books later I can honestly say I can't be happier for her and her success right now. She's one heck of  a brilliant story teller. When opening her books reality vanishes; I get catapulted into another world, a world that is full of awesomeness. Another world where characters make you feel all the right and wrong things. Another world where the plot sucks you right in and makes you squeal with excitement, scream in joy, squirm in nerviness, and make you hold your breathe due to the suspense. It's just awesome. I'm in love with her and her writing. Back to why you need to hand me some tissues: I CAN'T BELIEVE ONE OF MY ALL TIME SERIALS IS OVER *sobs* .... no no no. No more Zeth?! That's just torture :( 

It's hard to write a review for the sixth book in a series without spoiling something for newbies. I can honestly say this book was creme de la creme and the grand finale in this series. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I felt complete and happy for both Zeth and Sloane -  what a deserving ending for both of them and for Callie's readers.

"He looks straight at me, like he's looking into me, and then does something that makes my heart sing. He lifts our hands to his mouth and lays a gently kiss on my wrist. 'It doesn't matter what you look like, Sloane. You're the strongest person I know.' "

It was awesome to watch how Zeth and Sloane grew stronger book after book, how their somewhat complicated relationship turned into something so beautiful, so passionate and one in a kind love that it makes me green for envy. My heart blossomed reading how much Zeth tried and how he succeeded to be the man for Sloane. I thought it wasn't possible but I fell for him even more in the last book.

As usual Callie's book was filled with steam, suspense, heartache but also the humor I came to love so much in her books.

"She hit me in the fucking face. She hit me and she drew fucking blood." - I swear, I read this scene three times picturing Zeth's face and cracked up. Sloane, hands down, you rock!

I think this series is for everyone. It features a strong alpha with a heart so big you just can't but love him. Yes he's damaged but nevertheless he's brilliant. Zeth is one of my all time favorite book bf's ever. If you like action-packed, somewhat thrilling dark romance books than this series is for you. Yes fists gonna fly, bullets get shot, people get hurt and killed, hearts broken and repaired, ....furthermore, two people found each other, went through hell and back, to experience the best that could have ever happened to them: each other!

Sloane and Zeth are one kick-ass book couple and before I spoil anything check this series out. It's a top recommendation from my side. You won't regret it and soon will get sucked into the world of Blood & Roses ;)


*** 5 'I'm Yours' Stars ***

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***Please make sure to read Deviant (FREEBIE!!) #1,Fracture #2,Burn #3,Fallen #4 and Twisted #5 before downloading this book.***

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