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EASY VIRTUE book review - wow, my new favorite read!!

EASY VIRTUE (Easy Virtue, #1) 
by Mia Asher

Love is selfish... 

My name is Blaire. 
I'm the bad girl. 
The other woman. 
The one who never gets the guy in the end. 

I'm the gold digger. 
The bitch. 
The one no one roots for. 
The one you love to hate. 

I hate myself too... 

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine? 

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"There's something magnificent, awe-inspiring when you watch a man lose his way in anger ... in hate. You can't help but wish to be part of the wreckage left behind his ire. "

Once in a while you come across an author that is a lost kindred spirit to you... an author whose words, characters speak to you, put you under a spell... an author that blows your mind with her/his original, one in a kind story and a character that makes you want to bow to. I think in Mia Asher I've found - finally - such an author!! This story, her Blaire, is one phenomenal piece of art. I've found my match in Mia's raw writing style - it lured me in page after page, line after line, word after word.  This is and will be one of my all time favorite reads ever. 

This story was rough, unforgiving, edgy, sizzling, maddening, sad and very much hot. I never wanted to high-five a character as much as I wanted to slap her... Blaire evoke all kinds of feelings in me. Did I hate? Hell no; I couldn't. She is rogue, yes, but she's also very direct, predictable, and doesn't shy away to take what she wants. Did I pity her? Oh heck yeah. Did I blame her? No. I actually love her dearly. She's an unapologetic bitch and my kind of character. I like strong, edgy, bitchy chicks with a sexual hunger; not afraid to take what they want; and to know what kind of fuck-up they're.

"Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree... love is a cage, a very painful one; its gilded bars made with yearning, heartache, and unfilled dreams. And the moment I realized that love wasn't necessary to one's survival I became free. No one would have the power to hurt me again." 

Blaire is a stunning, beautiful mess with an ugly heart... a heart that voted to not love -again. A heart that prohibited to be loved. She's shielding her perfectly insecure, wrecked heart and protects it with everything she has - even if it means to be the one to wreck someone else heart. 

"... me - beautiful, shiny, empty Blaire."

She's such a unique, miscellaneous woman, girl even, that you either hate or love her. It's a constant tug and pull between feeling for and against her. 

"I am selling my soul. And the sad part is.... I don't care."

That is until she meets him... he who is about to turn her emptiness into fullness. His love, hope, and purity is a foreign feeling for her. She's lost in a temporary bliss, flying on cloud nine, enjoying being loved for the person who she really is...maybe even the person she deep down wants to be -again. But it doesn't last long - she pushes him away and loses a piece of herself right along with him.

"... the best way not to get hurt and not to get your heart broken, is by pretending that you lack one. And sometimes, I believe it. Almost."

I can wholeheartedly say that this book was way better than expected and I'm still sitting here thinking, "Wow, what did I just read here? Is she for real?" Mia dropped some bombs in the story and the ending made my mouth fall open because I NEVER SAW THAT COMING. 

With that being my first book by her I can say she blew my mind. Her writing has the same edge as her characters and story; I felt consumed by her story and I compelled myself to read it slow, letting every action, line, emotion sink in. 

You'll either love or hate this book and Blaire and I'm sure many of you'll have some problems with her but it's exactly THAT I craved and missed in so many books before. I want the uncomfortable. I want the real deal. I want the unapologetic bitch. I want this uneasy feeling that crawls slowly up your back when reading what she did. I want to experience an imperfect-perfect character. 

And all that is what Mia has given me, she has giving me all, nicely wrapped up in Blaire. I'm craving book #2 and I'm sure it'll blow my mind again. This is high on my recommendation list, ladies! 

"The moment you become a liability, I discard you. If I get the sense that you will hurt me, I'll remove your existence from my mind and my heart, leaving a vacant place amongst so many holes within me. And I'm good at it. Once you're out of my life, I'll never think of you. I move on."

*** 6 - I Love That You Hate Me - Stars ***

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