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Two Roads by Lili Saint Germain review

Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers, #6)
by Lili Saint Germain
Genre: Contemporary Dark Suspenseful Romance


Juliette and Jase may be out of Dornan's immediate reach, but as tensions rise, will they end up walking right into the enemy's trap?

Can Juliette forgive Jase for his devastating betrayal, or will it destroy everything they've been fighting for?

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"Two roads. Two choices. To let go? To give up?"

Juliette lived through hell, back and forth; endured more than a normal person could survive without ending in a nut-house. She's one of the strongest female characters out there and I admire her strength and devotion, dedication and willpower to go after her goal...her revenge. 

But in Two Roads we see that even the strongest woman is finally on the brink of destruction...on the brink of losing her mind...being afraid of the man she thought she loves. She's on the brink of losing her mind - what's right? what's wrong? The lines are blurred for a long time after Jase and Elliot rescued her. Walking through the pits of hell to get her. But Juliette isn't the same anymore especially when she hears what Jase supposedly did.

"I've never been afraid of drowning before, but right now, I'm terrified. Drowning in this ship. Drowing in lies and in blood. Drowning in my own treacherous deceit.

I am afraid of the man I love. It's unbearable."

Both man had to walk on eggshells around her; she is now a broken girl - not woman - but a girl that died and came back. Nevertheless, Jase doesn't give up. He loves her unconditionally and would do anything for her. AND THAT'S THE POINT right there! Ugh I could have slapped Juliette; certain things she did and didn't do really pissed me off and I hated to foresee how much Jase would be hurt, feeling betrayed. So yeah some things didn't sit well with me AT ALL.... 

"Sometimes," I whisper, "I wish were different people. That we'd been born into another life. That we didn't have to fight so hard to have each other."

I agree with that; thus, I was a bit disappointed how she handled things.
Two Roads is written in typical Lili style - it flowed and the words were like riddles creating one piece of magic. But this time some things on the magic were missing.... I was waiting for the BAM! ... but it didn't come.

Sure, Lili put her signature WTH at the end but the story itself felt a bit dull in comparison to the other fast paced books - sorry she spoiled me rotten, can't help it. I enjoyed it but it didn't knock my socks off. I understand that Jase and Juliette need, no deserved, some normality but I would have rather combined this book with One Love, the last book in the series. As said, Juliette, for the first time sort of annoyed me when she decided to stop trusting Jase and to lie to him. She perfectly said it herself:

"I've left one prison, the one Dornan constructed for me, only to be trapped in one of my own making. The one in my mind that goes over and over and over again."

Don't get me wrong I liked the book and I still I highly recommend this series and I'll def read the last book - heck, how could I not - just this one was a bit too slow for my taste. Remember, this is a serial and you CAN'T read Two Roads as a standalone. In general Lili's Gypsy Brother serial is one kickass serial of strong characters, thrilling plot (that pushes you out of your comfort zone for sure), and suspenseful moments/scenes that are off the charts.


*** 3 Stars ***

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