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Night Fever review...Beau is a very interesting man!

Night Fever (Night Fever, #1)
by Jessica Hawkins
Genre: NA/Erotic Contemporary Romance

Lola’s heart already belongs to Johnny, but for him, she’d sell the devil her soul. Unfortunately, the devil wants something else.

Beau Olivier is the kind of wealthy that buys anything—even people. When he makes Lola Winters a proposition, she finds herself tempted into a seduction that will have her walking the line between comfort and humiliation, desire and resistance. He would own her—for one night. She would be his—for a price. It was wrong. It was scandalous. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sex, music, neon on the Sunset Strip—right in the middle of it all, he would have her. Come sunrise, he would let her go. At least, that was the plan.

Night Fever is the first novella in the erotic romance Night Fever Serial. All three parts release November 2014. (51,000K words)

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"If you're worried about making love, don't be. I'm going to fuck you too." Lola, covered her mouth but couldn't tear her eyes away from him. "Beau," she said behind her hand. "I don't want any misconceptions. I'm going to make you uncomfortable. I'm going to worship you. I'm going to dominate you. Any man who just has sex with a woman like you is a fool. I want to make art with you - dirty, impossible, fucked-up, beautiful art."

It was the first time reading/reviewing a book by Jessica Hawkins and I've to say I'm pleasantly surprised and she got my interest piped by her sizzling plot and alluring characters. Her story-line flowed and Night Fever was a great introductions into her new series. 

Lola and Johnny are running a bar (not their own though) and are together since nine years; saying they have a routine and lack of excitement in their relationship would be an understatement in my opinion...everything has its order in their relationship - you know, the roles and chores are always the same. The spark, the lust, the desire isn't the same anymore. Lola knows that but she loves him....Johnny was her savior and she loves him dearly (or so she thinks); both have a future plan or should I say Johnny has a dream and Lola has a plan. Johnny would love to have his own bar one day and what better opportunity then taking over the bar they've been working in for nine year?

Right, it all does sound logically but without money even the smallest dream is impossible. Johnny isn't a go-getter - Lola knows that - and when an unlikely but highly intriguing opportunity falls literally into their laps both are stunned and very dumbfounded. 

On a harmless night Beau enters the bar with some coworkers. This man seems so versatile,intriguing, and has the look of a man that knows what he wants and always gets what he wants. He set his eyes on Lola and she can't deny how attractive he is and how attracted she is to him.

There was definitely lots of chemistry going on in the short time he was in the bar; chemistry that shouldn't have excited her so much. Hidden side remarks. Secretive looks of pure heat exchanged - yup both are drawn to each other.

"You think you have me figured out in ten minutes?" Lola asked.
"That's ten minutes longer  than it takes me for most people."
Beau kept his eyes on her face. "And that has my attention."
"Is it hard o get your attention?" "It's harder to keep it,"

But before Beau leaves the bar he drops a bomb on Lola and Johnny....he can make their -or better Johnny's - dream come true. Half a million for one night with Lola that's all he wants. The money is theirs with no strings attached. She would be his from sun down to sun rise - his to obey his wishes and desires. 

Will she take the money? Will she sleep with him to give Johnny his life-long dream? Can she basically sell herself? Degrade herself?

Well.... let's say it is one tempting offer with a man she thought about undressing the minute she lay eyes on him. 

"You're driving me to the edge," he said. I don't know whether to come, or bend you over and finally take you."

*fans myself.... with Beau, Hawkins has created quite the character. Her plot intrigued me by not giving away everything from the beginning; it was like peeling off layers after layers. Beau's my type of guy -  blunt, honest and very alluring. I'm super curious how their story continues because let's just say how it is: they hit it off very well. Damn I'd have loved to be in her place.

If you're looking for a sizzling, intriguing new series with quite a man that has many different faces and desires then this it for you. It's a fast read then makes you crave for more!


*** 4 I want to make Dirty Art with You- Stars ***

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Book #2, Nigh Call, is already out. Click here to take a look.

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