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Sweet NA romance with a serious twist!

Promises Hurt (Promises, #1)
by Elle Brooks
Genre: NA Romance

I wasn't planning on falling for Ethan Jamison, hell I wasn't planning on our paths ever crossing. He’s the most popular guy at school and a complete player. Me; I’m the perpetual good girl, trying to carry out one last request. But when you make a promise, how far do you go to see it through? 
~ Blair

It’s a running joke that I’m a terrible liar, if only people knew the truth. My whole life has been spent making excuses and deflecting questions. I was pretty good at it until Blair Thomas entered my world. She saw through the mask that everyone is so willing to accept. She makes me want to tell her all my secrets, but can she promise to keep them?
~ Ethan

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"I don't want to be the cocky asshole around her. I don't just want to fuck her - which, by the way, I do - I want to spend time with her. I want her to like me, the real me. Not the self-assured musician front that I put on for everyone else." ~Ethan

This was such a cute coming of age romance book with some serious twist and turns that left me gasping for air that made Elle Brooks debut a great entertaining, heartfelt and emotional read. 

Let me start with her main characters Blair and Ethan. I loved them right away. Don't get me wrong, you probable have read about similar characters - the geek and the famous hot guy in school - in other books but Elle pulled these two off great. Blair is by far one of my favorite female lead; she's nerdy, dorky, geeky and quirky and not ashamed about it! Yeah she's the whole package topped of with natural beauty. Her jokes and her funny nerd T-shirts cracked me up. I liked that she didn't swoon over Ethan right away and dropped her personality to become just another Barbie for him. She was great in dishing out, ha, and I enjoyed it. I tell ya, I was laughing hard over both of them!

Not only could and did I enjoy Blair's pov, but also Ethan's. I enjoy dual pov in a book, getting a glimpse into the other characters mind - it helps me connect better. Ethan is indeed your cliche famous boy in school. He plays in a band and is just drop-dead gorgeous with girls throwing themselves at him. But well, all's just a facade because his life outside of school is much more like a living hell. At home he's far from a star; far from feeling loved. In the eyes of his father he's useless, worthless, and a pure disappointment. Yeah really sucks to be him. To top things off he's about to fail his math class...that's where dorky Blair comes in the picture - she'll tutor him not knowing that this is the Ethan.

When Ethan and Blair meet for the first time both didn't expect to hit it off as well as they did. They joked around, fell into a comfortable silence and even innocently flirted with each other. But deep down both knew:

"Can I keep you?
"You're amazing Blair, I'm kinda crazy for you." ~Ethan

Yup, this book was real joy to read but ooooh hold on a's not all unicorns and butterflies. Not all sunshine. No. Some heavy stuff happens in the book and the  prologue made me cry - no kidding. Prepare yourself for an ending that leaves your mouth hang open. Yup, you guessed it, it ends with a cliffhanger but no worries book 2 is in the making ;) 

For a debut, Elle Brooks delivered a well-written NA romance that had all necessary ingredients in it to hook me on the next book in this series. I like to feel surprised; heartbroken; emotional and/or shocked. She did all that and more. At the end I wished I could be 18 again ....experiencing such a sweet love. 

"Things make more sense when she's with me. My life feels easier, my worries seem less of a burden ..." ~Ethan

*** 4-4.5 Sweet with a Twist Stars ***

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