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New: The Reason by Jen Andrews

The Reason (Just Say Yes, #1)
by Jen Andrews

Zoey James is in a funk. She has been through more in her twenty-three years than most people have experienced in their entire lives. After her ex-husband tries to take everything she’s worked so hard for, she makes one rule: Never date someone she works with.

When her father’s newly hired mechanic moves into the apartment above their family-run business, Zoey’s lonely life is flipped upside down.

As a teenager, New Zealand native, Andy Tate’s family is tragically killed in an accident, and he is taken in by his aunt and uncle. Andy is pulled away from the only place he’s ever known as home, and moved halfway around the world to Northern California.

Ten years and one failed marriage later, Andy finds himself living in a new city, with a new job at James Racing, and living in an apartment next door to Zoey, his new boss’s beautiful and damaged daughter.

After an interesting chain of events over one weekend, Andy and Zoey form an unexpected bond. Even though he’s the only one who can get through to her, she will do all that she can to keep him at a distance and not break her one rule.

Will Andy be the reason for Zoey to start living her life again, or will she continue on her downward spiral, until she finally hits rock bottom?

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"For over half of my life, I was thrown away by people who were supposed to love me and take share of me. Now, here you are, willing to give me everything I've ever wanted, and I am scared that somehow I'll screw up, and then you'll leave me because of all my emotional bullshit."

Zoey has had a very unfortunate childhood that haunts her in her dreams, an ex husband that makes her life bigger burden that it's necessary. Zoey doesn't trust easily after everything she's been through. Dating another of her dad's employee -out of question! Her ex was enough and left a big burning hole behind. All her self-declared rules are about to be thrown out of the window when Andy Tate starts working for her dad.

The sexy new employee that seems to evoke all kinds of unwanted and very much wanted feelings and desires in Zoey. But she's guarded, she can't and won't fall that easy and fast, despite that Andy is one hell of a catch.

"I closed my eyes and wished for the strength to overcome my daily struggles and learn to trust people again."

He's handsome, loving, caring, understanding - in a nutshell: He's everything what she's never experienced from a man, other than her brothers. He affects Zoey in all the right places and even though it frightens her at first she can't deny the pull between them. They hit it off in no time because of their undenying chemistry. 

What started out as friends -friends that flirt the heck out of each other - became quickly more. Zoey wanted more; she couldn't hold back her growing desires and knew that if one can make her feel and trust again, then it'd be Andy. So she said yes....

Andy who understood her struggles, the pain she lived through and vowed to give her all the time she needs. He too, never expected meet someone as incredible as Zoey when starting his new job...miles away from his home and painful memories.

"I was going to tell you how beautiful you are."
He trailed kissed across my cheek.
"I was going to tell you how much I need you."
With his warm breath in my ear he whispered,
"I was going to tell you how much I want you."
Hi nipped my ear and began kissing his way back toward my lips.

Overall, this was a good romance story and I characters were likable enough, but I had some problems. I couldn't really connect with Zoey's characters. Yes I understood her problems but she was all over the place with Andy and I lost patients with her and her attitude. She was hot and heavy one minute and than cold and annoying the next. It felt as if she toyed with Andy and I didn't really like it. He was a great guy and didn't deserve it; yeah true, he understood her reservations but still. She thought way too earlier that she love him -like after 10 days or so. Really? That's one of my biggest pet-peeves, throwing or even thinking about the big 3 WORDS so fast.

But Andy, too, was a bit too fast on board with the "I need you...I want you...only you" kind of talking. Personally, this just doesn't fly with me and doesn't make the story believable enough for me, considering what BOTH went through already. 

The reading writing was good but it had many parts that threw off my reading pace hence to the short, chopped off sentences. It felt like a list of things Zoey did all day and it was a bit boring to read and took out the dynamic of the story. But that is just my opinion and as you all know I'm a bit critical when it comes to contemporary NA romance stories. I'm aware many loved this book and if you enjoy angsty, emotional-packed love stories, with twists and turns (especially towards the end) then this book is for you!

**** 3 'Say Yes' Stars ***

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