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Review: Reasonable Doubt 3

.... to one of my favorite assholes. Andrew Hamilton is a wet dream come true thanks to his filthy mouth & cocky but lovable jerk-attitude. Andrew, you'll be missed!!

Reasonable Doubt, Vol. 3
by Whitney G.
Genre: Erotic/Contemporary Romance

I hate him...

I hate that I fell in love with him, I hate that he didn't love me back, and I hate the fact that I just made a life-altering decision just so I could get the hell away from him. 

He'd always said that he was unchangeable, heartless, and cold... 

I really should've believed him...

**Final book in the Reasonable Doubt series...**

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I always get attached to characters, thus it's no real surprise that I hate to say goodbye to another awesome character. He is by far one of the best book assholes I have come across; his filthy mouth and hungry cock made me gasp, laugh, and swoon. He was brutally blunt which was also - for me - the biggest turn-on ever. Whitney's series is by far one of my favorites out there. Novella 1+2 exceeded my expectations with its sexiness and witty charm of both characters. This series deserved its place on my all time favorite shelf and I can honestly say it's very hard to top-off a Andrew Freaking Hamilton! Whitney created quite a unique character who you either love or hate...but I'm sure the majority loves this dude wholeheartedly - every glorious inch of him. Maybe you'll hate him because you love him too fast too much lol - yup, been there, too.

The the final book in the series, which is also longer than the previous editions, turned out to be a great conclusion to Andrew and Aubrey's story. All the questions that came up while reading the first two books got answered so there was nothing left to wonder...but one question: Does she take him back or not?!? And trust me, Aubrey didn't make it easy and I loved this side of her. This girl had some spike! It drove Andrew crazy beyond control.

Reasonable Doubt 3 starts off where book 2 ended - Andrew kicked her out of his apartment, living a Aubrey utterly confused and deeply hurt. But she tried her hardest to move on...and eventual she did by pursuing her dream, leaving a clueless Andrew behind.... But when karma is for once on his side he tries is damnedest ....but they wouldn't be Andrew and Aubrey without some snark - gosh I loved there remarks!

"I miss you, Aubrey... I really do, and I'm....I'm sorry for kicking you out that night."
"You should be." Her voice was a whisper. "And if you really miss me, you'll leave me alone."
"Why would I do that?"
"Because you're bipolar..." <--- *snorts*

Whitney didn't disappoint at all and we saw Andrew in his true element as cocky bastard - in a tamer version though - but also learned about his painful past. Gosh did that hurt to read it. I felt so so sorry for him and I now understand why he lived a life as a hardhearted jerk, letting no one come close. I was shocked what his ex did to him and couldn't blame him one bit. Whitney clued us in what went down by giving us flashbacks of his past while fighting to win Aubrey back.

Oh the ending....all I say is that: Aaww, so well deserved and I was thrilled!!

You won't be disappointed with the last installment in this series that's for sure! It was worth the wait.This series is on my top recommendation list; so if you love a cocky sometimes asshole of an Alpha then Andrew is your man. Her series was hot, intriguing, fast paced and very captivating. Trust me you'll get addicted to Andrew's filthy mouth AND hungry cock *grin!!

*** 4-4.5 Great Ending for an Awesome Series Stars ***

Buy links:
RD #1: Amazon  B&N $0.99
RD #2: Amazon  B&N $0.99
RD #3: Amazon  B&N

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