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A Vampire book that knocks your socks off!!!

by Jessica Roscoe
(author is known now as Lili Saint Germain)

Mia Blake wasn’t the first girl to be taken by the vampires.

She had heard all about the girls who were missing, and even though they were only “missing”, she knew in her heart that those girls were dead. 

She felt sad for them, sure. But more than that, she felt glad that they had been strangers – not someone she knew, and certainly not her. Things like that didn’t happen to girls like her. 

They always happened to someone else, and that’s why she barely blinked as she made her way across an empty football field, through a deserted parking lot, to meet a fate she had arrogantly assumed was reserved for other people.

She was a stupid girl.
She paid for it

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One of the best Vamp Books I've ever read - 5 Stars

This book was freaking awesome! If you are a PNR fan, add this IMMEDIATELY to your tbr or buy it right now! Jessica aka Lili Saint Germain blew my mind with this one; never ever would I've guessed it'd be THIS awesome.

You know what was the best part in this book huh?? I'll tell you: No effing, unnecessary, cheesy romance that makes your head hurt, cringe, or roll your eyes! It's true, sometimes a book is much better without all the drama and lovey-dovey crap. Instead, Jessica focused to keep her story thrilling, exciting, by adding twists & turns, and some seriously mind-f@ckery. She kept on surprising me until the very last percentages and I often heard myself saying:Oh, she didn't/wouldn't do that to the character...oh crap, she really did. Yeah,Jessica had not really any mercy for her characters *chuckles*, and I LOVED it -every piece of it.

"This is not a story about love. There is no happy ending. There is only darkness, and the struggle to avoid being consumed by it. This is a story about survival."

She made Mia fall out of a building, smash her head in, getting almost sucked dry, and some rough sex on the kitchen counter was there too- I was truly in PNR heaven :D

Ok, here a bit about the story.
Never ever had Mia thought she'd end up as one of those girls... those girls, you know, that got kidnapped, never seen or heard of again. Well, her cockiness put her exactly in this situation. She gets abducted and that's were her living hell begins.

"They're going to rape me and kill me and I am going to die. They're going to bury me in the woods ..."

She finds herself in a rotten room with a 'roommate',who's half dead, waiting to get put out of her misery like an old dog. This so-called roomy tells her that every 90days she usually has a new roommate...well crap huh, Mia thinks. BUT little did she know that the big bad Vamp boss has different plans with her.

" 'How long will you keep me?"I asked suddenly. he didn't have to think about it. 'Forever.' I believed him.' "

When Mia gets moved to another room, one of his Vamps,Ryan, she uses the only chance to escape... a chance that ended in a free fall, face first.

I still don't know if I love or hate Ryan. He's a special kind of twisted. His action didn't all really make sense to me, but I think that's what truly hooked me. I love weird characters, trying to figure them and their attentions out. It's still unclear what is really going on in this VERY old Vamps mind. He's a closed book, but he's the one who changed Mia's life forever. One minute he's sugar sweet and I wanna hug and squeeze him:

"You made me want to be a better person, he said in my head, ... You're the reason i'm leaving that life behind. I want to help you..."

oh and in the next minute I wanna flog him myself. He's unpredictable, a ticking time-bomb, and I loved the crap out of him. I'm dying to know what he truly thinks and feels for Mia.

Is he using her just as a tool for himself, having his own agenda or are his intentions pure and honest?? I do not know yet, but I'm eager to find that out in book 2 !

"I'll never leave you ... I'll never be afraid of you." *sigh, he really does know when to push the right button.

But Mia doesn't forget, he's the reason why she's here in the first place... why she died with 17.

It's a constant struggle and this book has some disturbing things going on, so be aware!!If you don't want to feel offended, then take a minute and put yourself in Mia's shoes - I know what she wants and did was cruel, but ask yourself: What have you done? Nevertheless, I can't wait to get my hands on book 2!

If you're looking for a HEA, then don't pick this book up; if you're looking for a cheesy romance, then don't either; but if you're looking for a kick-ass Vamp book that makes you gasp, wonder, yell out loud and glues you to your kindle because you wanted to find out what's going on, then this is a must read!

This is NOT your typically come of age, NA/YA Vamp book -and thank f@ck for that!!

Copy of book given by author in exchange for an honest review

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