Friday, June 27, 2014

My random rambling "you could care less what I think" post...

I had a moment...I love to hear from you (no matter if you're a fellow blogger, reader or author) what you think so don't hesitate to let me know. xx

Mmh, I'm not long in this blogger/IA community, just a lil over a year but I can already tell I'm not really happy anymore. I'll step back a bit and won't sign up for blog tours etc. anymore, only on occasions. The ones I signed up for already I'll do, same goes for reviewing books but I'm basically cutting everything in half. 

I'm fed up with all the bitching around, stressing about due dates, rude bloggers, ungrateful readers (who won/got ARCs), divas in groups, and the rest of ungrateful ppl. 
I love to read, review, and even the nerdy beta/proof reading. But I miss reading on my own terms a lot. I'll still review for authors, heck yeah, I'd miss it, but more on my terms and not "I need it back in 5-10days.... ", because sometimes me too is in a bad mood and such a mood ruins a book, which reflects on the review - that sucks then, wouldn't it?!

I'll also cut back and leave (most) STs because lets be honest: I wake up to 100+ notifications, 20+ tags, blog and profile posts. Not to mention the blog emails. I'm no author but I don't even wanna know how much you get when you wake up. I'm also no stay at home and just have NOT THE TIME to check every group to see what I missed and it's ridiculous I even feel bad about it; thus, it's better I leave. Me leaving doesn't mean I care less about you or your books, no not at all. It also doesn't mean I won't beta read for you if you'd like me to. I always try to make time.

You all know if I love a book I'll pimp the shit out of it, same with if a book caught my interest - I wanna share it with everyone. 
I just want to write more reviews, get readers/my followers to know more books/authors, or see what I love - for this, it's MY blog. I don't only wanna clutter my blog with blitz releases, blog tours, or cover reveals. 
I don't mind that just BECAUSE I DON'T SIGN/AGREE to be part of a blog tour I don't get a copy of your/a book, well, I'm cool with it. I just gonna buy my own copy -it's THAT simple. If I really wanna read your book I can buy it and then you know I really really wanna read it. I'm NOT doing this for free books and stuff.

I noticed readers don't really care about a blog tour anyways - they only want the giveaway that's posted on it. I don't wanna convince the reader that YOUR book is awesome because of a giveaway; no, it should be my review that makes them want to read it. 

Plus, what happens to authors reaching out to reviewers/bloggers asking them if they'd like to review their books? You know, WITHOUT a damn blog tour?!?! It feels so 'cold' that we get ask over a third person to do something for an author. I know you all are busy but we bloggers/reviewers are not too busy to personally contact you to thank you or tell you we loved your book. I don't know, I'm just a bit fed up with many things. 

I almost choked when a author asked me if I CHARGE to review her book? WTH is wrong with some bloggers. We get a FREE book we WANT to read and then you make an author charge? Shame on you!! 
I'm so passionate about my hobby that I miss feeling it from others. Yeah, that sums it up: I miss the fun and passion from others and it depresses the f@ck out of me!

So, if you'd still like me to review for you -with NO blog tour attached- you know where to find me  



  1. I get it. I am a blogger too and I have been feeling overwhelmed by all the due dates later. I have been doing this for 7 years, almost 8 in August, and I have never been as stressed out as I have gotten with tours. I do it because I enjoy it and because it gives me the income I need to be a WAHM. I have been trying to be extra picky with what tours I agree to sign up for so that I have time to read books that I have bought. I was starting to feel so burnt out.

    I don't get charging for a book either. I have heard grumblings of it happening from authors, but to me, that is ethically wrong. It needs to be stated up front both on the blog, and in the amazon/goodreads reviews that they were paid for it (I believe legally, the FTC requires that that be stated up front in the review). Once I saw that, I wouldn't trust that review.

    All of the complaining, backstabbing, etc is why I stay in my own little world, do my blog thing, and don't join a lot of groups, if I do, I am there for whatever the reason is behind the group, and I don't get too involved beyond that reason. I cannot stand the drama.

    Good luck!!!

  2. thanks for your reply :)

    Yeah it's just too much. I don't like to feel pressured, especially if it's not a job but a hobby. It's sad how much everything changed in less than a year.
    I'll just do me and if I don't get an ARC or copy just because I'm not partaking in a blog tour/blitz -then whatever. I can buy my own books ;)


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