Friday, May 30, 2014

New Review: Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

... More than just a teacher-student story ...

Bittersweet Emotional Heartfelt Love story 

"I love you slowly," I said, clasping my hands under her thighs. ... "I love you deeply." I lifted her other leg up around my waist, supporting her completely. My mouth moved to her earlobe, and I whispered as I sucked it slowly, "I love you quietly." My hips rolled against her, my breaths heavy, hungry. "I love you powerfully." Her head fell against the wall, her breath mere pants. "I love you unconditionally." ..."I love you gently and hard, slow and fast. Before time and after." ... I love you because I was born to do so."
This was one emotional story about love, loss, grief, soul-mate, and hope.
Ashlyn lost her better half; her twin who was her best and confidante. Now her life was laid out in front of shattered pieces, unable to put it back together. When this wasn't enough, losing her sister, she had to move to her father who was basically non-existent during her childhood and early adulthood. On the train towards her newhome,Edgewood, Wisconsin, she sees and meets Daniel. Daniel, handsome 22, and more alike than Ashlyn than she might know. Before they part ways, he invites her to a bar where he and his band have a music gig.

These two share 2 things in common: The feeling of loss and grief.

Feeling alone in the world, losing everything and everyone they loved. 

The two of them fell in love with each other over the love of books, music and Shakespeare. Soul mates, two missing pieces that finally met each other and never planned on letting go out... 

...but things aren't easy. When Ashlyn starts her new school she didn't expect that her Daniel is also Mr Daniel, her English teacher. So yeah, things aren't easy but how can you stay away from your soul mate?? You can't; thus, these two find ways to be together but it isn't easy and both of them are hurt and hate the unfairness the world throws at them.
"I don't know what to tell you, I don't know what to say. 

I only know that caring for you brings on more pain. 
~Romeo's Quest
This sweet story is more than your typically forbidden teacher-student love story. Nothing is forbidden. Daniel is only 22 and life wasn't fair and that's why he's determined to not lose this person as well. He fights for what he wants and loves. Ashlyn is his world; his star, his universe.

"I don't want to be your friend," he said. ..."I want to be yours, I want you to be mine, and I hate that we can't be us. Because I think we were meant to be us."
....oh yes, how right he was.

This story is deep and touches topics that make you relate and cry, feel and think, and also long for wanting such a pure love...the same as Ashlyn and Daniel share.

They were both each others life-line and it was bliss to read their story.

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