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Review: Deviant by Callie Hart



Sloane I'm not proud of the things I've done. The things I've had to do. The things I've given away. but I'd give it all over again to find her.Even if i die trying, I have to find Alexis.Zeth She wants me to help her, But I won't. She wants me to save her sister, But I can't. She wants me to be her hero, But I'm not a good man. I am her damnation.

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“You’re sick, you know that?” I say into the darkness. A soft rustling sound greets me, followed by the shift of movement. Yes, the lights are off but the corridor is lit behind me so it’s not like last time. I can see enough to make out the looming figure that slowly paces toward me. “I know I’m not normal, if that’s what you mean.” A terrible devil’s mask appears before me, two feet away; Zeth is dressed entirely in black, the suit he wears obviously a thing of beauty even in the half light. His dark eyes shine from within the mask, sharp and hungry. “You’ve surprised me, Sloane. I like being surprised,” he rumbles. “Well you’ve surprised me, too. Although I can’t say the feeling is mutual.” He laughs, his voice so deep and powerful I can feel it in the soles of my feet. “You should open up a little. You never know what you might enjoy until you try it.” “I know exactly what I enjoy, Zeth, and standing around watching fifty naked people grind on each other isn’t it.” The eyes behind his mask flicker with annoyance when I say his name. He stalks toward me and reaches out, tracing his fingertips across my jawline. He seems pensive, intrigued by my stillness—I can’t freaking move—as he touches my skin. “If you don’t like watching, Sloane, you can always join in.”


4.5 Kinky-hot-as-hell Stars

I think I’ve a new book boyfriend… his name is Zeth and ladies he’s one hot piece of man. He’s tall, dark hair+eyes, tattooed, and kinky as f@ck!!  I’m not kidding, he’s a VEEERY interesting taste, while having sex, and I’m not lying, it was a turn-on *grin. 

“I’m very particular about what I want. You need to do what I ask you without question and this will go nicely for both of us, okay?” 
…uhm yeah, crystal clear Zeth. Tell me how high I should jump and I’d do it for you, too!! He’s smoking, and his persona is quite alluring, despite sreaming big fat DANGER, and I too would do his bidding, so I totally understand Sloan. He’s obsessive, too; he knows what he wants, how he wants it, and how often – yep, determined is an understatement!

“That’s not the game we’re playing, here. Own me, or I’ll own you. And trust me … you don’t want that.” Ha, I think I’d want that very much. But then, as the story continues it’s unclear who owns who ;) I’d say Sloan got under his tough skin pretty deeply. 

Oh did I mention he’s cocky as hell, too? I was chuckling when reading this because I could perfectly picture him –ego so big, and he’s so full of himself AND his body (<-- his smoking, riptide body, that screams SEX!!).

“At night, when you’re alone, when you touch yourself, I’m the one you’re wet for. And this whole time you’ve been wondering… wondering what it would have been like to have me own you that night.What I would have done to you. How I would have made you come. …” *fans myself*

I could post many more of his quotes because they’re just panties-melting hot, but that wouldn’t be fun,right? I don’t want to spoil the story for you ladies, because you need to experience his quotes for yourself!

Also, you need to know Zeth and Sloan met under some pretty strange circumstances. Sloan was pretty desperate and would have done anything to get more information why her sister has gone missing or/and who has her. After ‘working’ together with a scum of Private Investigator, who screws her over, she finds herself in a hotel’s bathroom, dressed in sexy lingerie, waiting until this stranger, enters the room. Another important information you need to know is, that Sloan is still a virgin and nervous as hell while waiting until the stranger allows her to come out of the bathroom. She knows, she has to do it in order to get information’s about her sister.

What thought to be a nightmare, turned out to be one of the sexiest, most intense encounters she’s ever had with a man…and the only one lol. The hotel room is pitch black, both can’t see each other…touch, smell, and sensation is all they allow each other. 

But this wasn’t Zeth and Sloan’s first and last encounter… their paths will cross again, and hot damn, I loved the crap out of it!!

Deviant is book 1 in this series and it served as the perfect introduction to the story. It doesn’t give everything away and you still keep on guessing and I love that Zeth is such a mystery –still. He’s pretty messed up in his handsome head and his past isn’t one to joke or talk about; he’s lethal, fast, strong, and hot-tempered. So yeah, I was a goner for him. 
Again, his kinky taste was a total turn on (for me), and I know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but obviously it’s Sloan’s & mine!

Callie wrote a brilliant debut novel –fast paced, witty, sensational, steamy, and a bit brutal- and I’m very excited to read the second book, which I hope comes out VERY soon ;)

If you like to read about a hot tattooed kinky alpha, BDSM fetish *grins*, and intriguing suspenseful plot, which is to be continued, then this book is for you!

ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review 

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