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Review: Ashes to Ashes by Karina Halle

Ashes to Ashes by Karina Halle
(Experiment in Terror #8)
Genres: Horror, New Adult, Supernatural


It’s been two months since Perry Palomino and Dex Foray’s relationship reached a new turning point, two months since Perry started a new life in Seattle, and two months since their Experiment in Terror show took on a new partner, ex-Wine Babe Rebecca Sims, and found a new level of success. But whenever there is light in their lives, the madness still has a way of coming back in.

When the team is sent back to the stormy Oregon coast to investigate a haunted school, Perry wants to use the opportunity to reconnect with her family and reintroduce Dex into their lives. Only Perry’s not the only one who’s reaching out – her grandmother Pippa has started appearing to her with disturbing warnings and Perry’s presence at the school has ignited a chilling new wave of supernatural phenomenon. Once used a century ago as a sanatorium to house children dying of tuberculosis, the school’s past residents are slowly coming back to life and with one thing on their mind. They want someone to play with, someone to join them. Forever.

Even when dead, some children get whatever they want.

And they want Perry.

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5 Creepy Haunting Stars 

I shouldn’t be surprised that Karina Halle wrote with Ashes to Ashes another five star book –for me- and I can only say, this woman tops her own writing. I’ve never been hooked on a series longer than a trilogy; so you see, A2A is book 8 in the Experiment in Terror series (yep you’ve read correct – THE 8th BOOK!!) and I’m still head over heels for this series.

If you thought Dead Sky Morning, On Demon Wings or Into the Hollow was creepy, ha then just wait until you read Ashes to Ashes!! I was reading it with all the lights on because I was about to pee my pants –and I’m not a wuss. But let me tell you what you can expect when reading A2A 

Welcome to Sea Crest Sanatorium 
A Sanatorium were thousands of young kids lost their life due to TB; were thousands of lost souls were haunting the crap out of Dex, Perry, Rebecca … and me!

Are you ready??? Ready for "the children of the damned? Toddlers from hell?" Well you better be ready ‘cause for certain they are ready for YOU!

”I felt the darkness sitting on either side of us, the coldness of the tunnel seeping into my clothes.”….. I didn’t know what was worse-the void in front of us or the black emptiness behind us.”

Yeah ladies, that was the moment I was starting to feel CREEPED THE F*** OUT!! Oh but if you know Karina, you know she’s going into nice detail; details that make your skin crawl, your hair stand up, and giving you enough material to have the best nightmares ever. She spooked the be-jesuses out of me because I never knew what’s coming next!! I hope you’re ready for a creepy but amazing read; it’s definitely my fave creepy EIT book in the series.

Now to Dex and Perry.
Two months have passed and the two of them are living together in Seattle and are just too sweet to look at -both two love sick puppies. In A2A, which is written in Perry’s pov, I saw that she had grown to a mature woman. Yes, she still has her insecurities but she has worked hard on herself. Also, Dex doesn’t give her any reason to feel less than what she is. He’s charming, still cocky, and expresses his love to Perry in such a way I was goner. I mean, seriously, can he get any better (and hotter *cough*)?? I don’t think so…

"This is real. … This is nothing but real. You and me. Us. You know that, don’t you? … I’m here. I’m staying here, by your side. This is more than just two people shacking up together. This is so much more." ~Dex

Yep, me too was a love sick puppy after reading this. I mean, come on, not a single woman wouldn’t have melted by his words, especially if you and him went through so many crazy things like Perry did. Those two are really meant for each other; I could feel it in A2A so much.

But also Perry gave Dex the security he needed. Knowing she is not going anywhere, at least not without him.

"You…make me feel sane in this crazy world. You give me hope. You give me life. When I’m with you…I can’t even believe I’m with you. It’s like that every morning. Like I’m dreaming, but I’m not." ~Perry

Sigh… yes those two deserve each other and way more. Both have had such a tough life (and still kinda do, if considering seeing ghosts on a daily basis, never escaping this craziness) that I’m just thrilled for them. 

Karina manages, again, to create a great balance between romance and paranormal. So no matter what your preference is, you won’t be disappointed-she excels to cover both by hooking you page after page. I can’t even imagine that her EIT series will come to an end because her books, stories, and characters are something I don’t want to miss.

"This is real, baby. This is us. Now, always, us.” 

ARC kindle provided by the author in exchange for honest review.

The daughter of a Norwegian Viking and a Finnish Moomin, Karina Halle grew up in Vancouver, Canada with trolls and eternal darkness on the brain. This soon turned into a love of all things that go bump in the night and a rather sadistic appreciation for freaking people out. Like many of the flawed characters she writes, Karina never knew where to find herself and has dabbled in acting, make-up artistry, film production, screenwriting, photography, travel writing and music journalism. She eventually found herself in the pages of the very novels she wrote (if only she had looked there to begin with).

Karina holds a screenwriting degree from Vancouver Film School and a Bachelor of Journalism from TRU. Her travel writing, music reviews/interviews and photography have appeared in publications such as Consequence of Sound, Mxdwn and GoNomad Travel Guides. She currently lives on an island on the coast of British Columbia where she's preparing for the zombie apocalypse with her fiance and rescue pup.


  1. Great review! I've only read book 1 so far and I already found it creepy and all I here is I haven't seen nothing yet! I can't wait ti read more of it!

    1. Thank you :)
      And yes, the further you are in the better the books. Darkhouse was the slowest, more like a intro. Oh my, you'll def fall for Dex ;)

  2. Great review! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Awesome giveaway!! Thank you!!!


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