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REVIEW: Rock'n Tapestries by Shari Copell

Title: Rock'n Tapestries
Series: A Rock'n Tpestries Novel, #1
Author: Shari Copell
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

“Asher Pratt had been a drug for me, and I wasn’t sure I wasn’t still addicted.”
Chelsea Whitaker works as a waitress at Tapestries, a trendy Pittsburgh bar. She’s doing her best to avoid Asher Pratt, the Pittsburgh rock legend who shattered her heart years ago.
When he takes a job at Tapestries just to be near her, Chelsea has some decisions to make. 

She soon discovers that some things never change. It’s all she can do to keep a tight hold on her heart as Asher takes her for another wild ride.
As she struggles to gain some perspective on their relationship, she learns that he’s never needed her more. She must put the past aside for the sake of the future.

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4.5 Heartbreaking and Unforgettable Stars

It took me quite a while to compose my review because I knew if I’d have written it earlier I would have ended as a crying mess –again! Every book that makes me feel, in every possible way, alone deserves 4 stars; but Rock’n Tapestries did more than just make me feel. It pushed all my sensitive buttons and broke my heart bit by bit towards the end. The author wasn’t joking when she wrote her disclaimer:

… However, if you like your books to have a neat and tidy happy ending, you probably won't enjoy this one. Life is messy sometimes. This story reflects that.

How right she was; life is messy and not everything ends with a HEA, but with a happy ending for at least one person. Thus, this was the case in this book. It has an ending which the author chose; an ending that felt right for her. And in the end, even though it wasn’t fair, I still loved this book because she made me feel all the way through. It reflects the reality that not everything is picture perfect, that people make mistakes, and moreover, that people regret making, sometimes, the wrong choices. 

To get a better idea about my emotional state when I finished the book, here my Facebook status again: Cried ugly tears...just finished Rock'n Tapestries. Oh my, this book hit all my sensitive buttons. Until 65% I was happy & amused, then at 72% I was like wth, no no no, doesn't make sense, etc., then at 82% I was a lost cause. I was a sobbing mess until the bitter end…

This is the story of Chelsea and Asher; two people that used to be together; two people who can’t be with or without another. After 5 yrs it still stings Chelsea to think back about the time she had with Asher. Both were utterly in love but Asher couldn’t somehow keep his ‘lil friend’ in his pants and when Chelsea thought she’s his true love he pushed her away. Finally she had enough and both went separate ways, until, one day Asher’s band has a gig in the bar Chelsea works. 

After a stupid mistake at work, which almost killed Chelsea, she finds herself in Asher’s car on the way to the hospital. That’s when both their story begins…again.

Asher’s starts working in Chelsea’s bar to be near her which doesn’t sit well with her. She finds ways and excuses to be not around him, but it wasn’t that easy because after all Asher "had a carnal vibe about him, an inherent maleness that was so compelling, even older women stopped by to stare when he passed them by."

To stay strong, Chelsea kept reminding herself how much he hurt her, plucking "her innocent heart from her chest, shredded it with one woman after another, then shoved it back into my ribcage." But it didn’t work; she knows she needs to find a way to get a long, and which better way to do that than starting off with a friendship –JUST friendship.

Of course the pull was their but both tried their best to just stay friends. Both established over the time a great friendship and valued another lot… until one night changed everything… after that, Asher disappeared and Chelsea was again left behind, feeling betrayed and hurt.

Oh my, this story was something totally different. I can’t even describe how this book touched my heart…quotes from Asher like these made me a sobbing mess (you’ll understand why when you read the whole context):

" Y’know, I’ve been thinking about the two of us for the past couple of days. I’ve come to the conclusion that you and I were lovers in a past life. And we just couldn’t get it right. We’re doomed to repeat the past until we do. We’ll have to try and fix it in the next one. I’ll wait for you, Chelsea."
Reading this broke my heart and my tears did start and didn’t plan on stopping anytime soon….

"And I will love you forever right down to the very bottom of my soul. I promise we’ll get it right next time, Chelsea."

More tears… now I was feeling their pain too… deep down, I felt every heartache they felt…every regret…every mistake they made

I’d have loved you unconditionally, you nutwit ~Chelsea

This book, I can only highly recommend it…yes it’ll hurt you… yes it’ll make you feel and cry…and yes it might upset you because it ends differently as you wish, but nevertheless it a great book and I’m glad I did read it!! If you’re not afraid to read a book that has no typically HEA, reflects that real life is messy and unfair, then I can only recommend this book. 

Oh and btw, I did cry again while writing my review, rereading the quotes I marked –after 4days, this book still makes me cry!!

ARC provided in exchange for honest review


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  2. I'm a rock chick so I would love to read this book

  3. Probably Nirvana. There's something to be said for growing up on Seattle in the early 90s!

  4. Dylan Richardson, from The Alaskan Heart Saga by Tiffany Carmouche, because he is so romantic and protective. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  5. My favorite rock band is Bon Jovi. I just love their music and I admire Jon for his tenacity and fight to succeed. :)

  6. I love rock band books! They guys are so freaking hot!

  7. My favorite rock band of all time is Aerosmith. After all this time, they're still hot!

  8. aerosmith i would say because of my mom

  9. My fav band of all time is Metallica! I've loved them for 20 years!

  10. I loved this book ladies, very emotional.
    And my all time fav rock band is Guns 'n' Roses :)

  11. Linkin Park!! thanks for the giveaway!!!

  12. led zeppelin baby! have you seen robert plant in those pics back then?! i so would've been a groupie!

  13. I haven't been a rock fan for years but back when I was it would have been KISS and I loved Gene Simmons. Today I am a country addict and I love Trace Adkins the most because he is a well muscled long haired blond who to me is to die for.


  14. Favorite band of all time would have to be Led Zeppelin. I have always freaking loved them. :) <3


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