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REVIEW: Between Then and Now by Zoe York

Between The and Now (Wardham, #0.5)
by Zoey York

Their story didn't start with a fairytale romance...
Romance is the last thing on Ian's mind. He's juggling the family farm and a second job, his kids are a crazy handful and every time he gets close to his wife, she snaps at him. Their relationship started with a sizzling physical connection, and he needs to find a way to leverage that into reconnecting on a deeper level.

Their marriage wasn't chosen for love...
Carrie knows she's being too hard on her husband, but eight years ago she had a one-night stand that turned into a lifetime of diapers and dinners. She can't shake the feeling that she wants more, or the fear that her husband won't understand.

But they still chose each other...time and again

Between Then and Now is a short, sexy novella in The Wardham Series. 5 chapters, 16,000 words.

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5 I-knew-I'll-Love-it Stars!!

Zoe, Zoe... what should I write that you and everyone else don't already know. I love, simply love her romance books. No matter if she writes full length novels or like Between Then and Now, a sweet novella, I adore them all!! I'm not a huge fan of romance-only books, but Zoe's stories are simply the BEST ROMANCE STORIES ever. I'm not fangirling over here, just read her books and see for yourself, because her writing style and flow speak for herself. 

You want to read romance that melts your heart, put you in awe, makes you feel, makes you want and long for more, without suffering through overly dramatic nonsense and too perfect or annoying characters??!! Well, then I can only advise you to read her Wardham series. Her characters are real and it feels as if I'm right in middle of the story; I can relate to her characters and understand their doubt/problems. And nope, I'm not married yet or have kids, it's just the way Zoe writes; her way of writing is just pure bliss to read and extremely refreshing. Don't assume she's all fluffy-tuffy, cause her sex scenes, geez, they made me fan myself BIG TIMES!! They're hot but not slutty,and she has this way of making your anticipation grow until you want to scream lol.

Between Then and Now, which can either be read before or after What Once Was Perfect, is the story of Carrie and Ian. A couple that rushed into marriage 8yrs ago. Let me say it like that: A one-night stand gone wrong. Love didn't bring them together, but it was love that kept them together. For Ian it was love of first sight, while Carrie had other future plans than to end up on a farm, changing diapers.

After 8yrs, both forgot to take some time off for themselves; their life contains work, kids, and household. Carrie is visibly unhappy but both push their unspoken distress aside and try to work it out... what best way to try to work it out, forgetting their'problems' for few minutes other than with sex ;)? 

"He needed to be inside her. As if reading his mind, she pressed up on his shoulders,lifting her hips enough to re-align their cores. She was more than ready for him, ..." 

But the sex doesn't help and both hide something from the other...things that could threaten to tear them apart. Until one day, when Carrie unexpectedly calls Ian and hears part of a conversation she wasn't supposed to hear....

"He was committed to getting them back on track, and hoped that after tonight,..." 

Is Ian able to keep them together after Carrie heard something, something she was supposed to?? Find out for yourself ;)

All I can say is, I would soooo keep Ian... He is a keeper ladies, simply because of that: "He was hard and sinewy in all the right places, with shadowas and valleys she wanted to explore with her mouth and hands and eyes, but her tough went to the line where dark faded light on his arm, neatly following the curve of his muscles." ---btw his body didn't change that much over the years, so yep, he looks yummy and trust me, his words make your heart melt!! 

I can only recommend Zoe's Wardham series (and men), they're to die for!!

ARC given by the author in exchange for honest review.

About the Author:
For as long as I can remember, I have been a voracious romance reader. In early 2012, I got an idea for a novel. Then another, and another. My Google Drive account exploded with outlines and chunks of text and character bibles.

Over Christmas, I started a holiday novella. By the end of January, it was clear I was going to wander past novella length, and the story wasn’t limited to the holiday season. And it wasn’t just one book, anymore – it was also an introduction to a small town, Wardham.

Right now I’m hard at work on book no. 2 in the series. The first one, What Once Was Perfect, will be available July 1, 2013. I can’t wait to share Laney and Kyle with you!

When I'm not writing, I’m a busy working mom of two young boys, wife to a very understanding soldier, and a sister/friend/neighbour as well.

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