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REVIEW: Come Alive (Experiment in Terror # 7) by Karina Halle

Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7)
by Karina Halle

It’s one thing to bring the woman you love back into your life. It’s another to try and keep her there. For Dex Foray, con­vinc­ing Perry Palomino to open her­self to their bur­geon­ing rela­tion­ship has been more chal­leng­ing than hunt­ing ghosts, bat­tling demons and stalk­ing Sasquatch com­bined. Add in the fact that the only way they can keep their Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror show run­ning is to take on a third part­ner in the form of the mys­te­ri­ous Max­imus Jacobs — all while inves­ti­gat­ing a sin­is­ter voodoo sect in New Orleans — and you’ve got the per­fect South­ern storm and a recipe for dis­as­ter. Luck­ily, Dex has never been one to back down, even when his life –and heart — are on the line.

Come Alive is told from Dex’s POV.

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5+ Stars spoiler free review

I took my sweet time reading Come Alive and I can honestly say Karina rocked this book; it's by far my favourite book of her EIT series!! Writing the whole book in Dex's POV was genius and made me do a happy dance- I just love Dex. I've read plenty of male POVs in other books but Karina, man, she nails a male POV. I secretly think she was in her previous life a dude cause her dialogues are THAT GOOD (previous dude comment is a compliment btw!). I mean, while reading it, you really wouldn't think a woman wrote it -it was just perfect!! And oh how I missed Dex and Perry's adventures to film something good for their show, Karina didn't disappoint with Come Alive; furthermore, it exceeded my expectations by far. 

So this time they fly to New Orleans, in hope to save the show. After coming back with nothing to show for their EIT show and getting almost killed, Dex and Perry need to film something great to keep their show alive, otherwise their boss is gonna fire them. Their boss Jimmy made them work together with Max, aka Mr Gingerballs, believing only he could save their show. Of course both, Dex and Perry are beyond pissed but give it a go because both love their show and realize he might be their last chance.

In New Orleans they should inspect a haunted house but while being there they hear the rumors about zombies walking around and chewing on people -yeah you heard correctly, ZOMBIES. Needless to say they are curious about it and talk to people to get more info. Instead of just inspecting the haunted house, all three discover they are in the middle of this zombie disaster because while exploring this haunted house, all three get attacked by a zombie and it freaked the shit out of them. I won't give any spoilers away but let me write about how chicken-shit I was:

I've never been sooo scared for Dex like I was in Come Alive. I really thought this psycho bitch (can't tell you her name) is about to cut him into pieces. I was on the edge and my nerves were on high alert! I really wanted to slap the living shit out of her; gosh I hated her and Perry did too. She was right from the very beginning and I couldn't help but yell at Dex for not listening to her!! The zombies were creepy as hell and I had goosebumps. All the details made me read Come Alive with the light on; so yeah, Come Alive is full of suspense and Karina really did a great job in writing a killer story which made me almost shit my pants (sorry for my language!).

The story is so good that I even started liking Max, aka gingerballs, because we find out more about him and his true purpose in Perry's and Dex's life, other than pissing them off. And yeah I felt pity for him too, but still he'll be forever my gingerballs :)

Soooo if you haven't started reading Karina's EIT series then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! It's my top fav series ever, and trust me you'll be hooked soooo badly that you spend days locked in in your room! No, but seriously her series is a must read and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT if you like real characters (which are a bit nuts though),big suspense, a slow building love story, and yeah some freaky shit like ghosts -then this story is your right choice ;)

Karina, thanks for another awesome EIT story <3 

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