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REVIEW: Jekyll by Lauren Stewart


“When the devil tells you to stop struggling, do you?”

From the moment Eden wakes up, she knows she’s not in Kansas anymore. She isn’t even on Mitch’s doorstep, her dark-side’s favorite place to dump her. No, she’s somewhere far worse. And far more sterile. Sometimes a girl needs to adapt, be flexible, change. And that’s exactly what Eden will do, all the way back to Mitch. No matter what she has to do to get there. Because his life depends on it.

Mitch has lost something he’d never thought he’d find to begin with. And “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” is a lie. A lie people tell themselves to make the pain go away. But the pain doesn’t go away, not in someone like Mitch. It festers. It grows. Until it can’t be held back anymore, even by the bars of a cage.

*** Jekyll is a continuation of Mitch and Eden’s story and may prove confusing to those who haven’t read Book I. So why not go check it out? Heck, the first book is cheaper.

*** This novel is also intended for adults, as it includes lots of cursing, biting sarcasm, and some truly evil people

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Nadine's Review


gosh what a ride....suspense nonstop! 

Dear Lauren, you did it again.. you left my mouth hanging wide open by how this book ended... In this review I will mostly write about my reactions and less about the story itself (you def need to read Hyde first to understand).

This book wasn't filled with sexual tension lke the previous book was, because of the different location (The Clinic), but god damn, it was filled with suspense!! I dont know how many times certain people, the one working for The Clinic, pissed me off by their actions/words, or that I wish I could slap them- for real! During reading I got impatient because yeah Lauren, your writing is freaking awesome and I was sitting on the edge, nervous as hell, finding out who's behind everything. I also was nonstop begging that Mitch aka Hyde and Eden aka Jekyll will make it, find back together, and fight those people.

Yeah this book held many surprises and it was plain awesome!! It had so many twists that when you thought 'aaah it'll definitely be like this or that' big fat nope- Ms Stewart took a total different turn.... guess you can tell, I had mostly no idea what was happening next.

Mitch's character helped a lot to leave me hanging. His moods, thanks to his inner Hyde, made me trip. His actions, geez sometimes I could slap his handsome face, for acting irrational!! Eden tried and tried to make him realize but nope, Mr Stubborn thought and did differently. 

When I thought I know how it'll end, what did Lauren do, she ended again with a cliffhanger...gosh woman, I love you but it drove me nuts!! Thank goodness a third book will come out this summer and yeah I'll be one of the first to read it.

Thanks again Lauren for such a great book, I loved it, even though it drove me nuts, I truly did!!

I can only recommend this series, it's different with many surprises, a hot Mitch, beautiful Eden and a twist of sexy Urban Fantansy

About the Author

After earning degrees in Fine Arts and English, Lauren Stewart wanted to see the world. A lack of funds meant that she didn’t get far. She spent two years traveling around Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada—first as a choreographer and then an English teacher—meeting folks from all the places she couldn’t afford to go to. But that time was highly useful—she learned about herself, other people, and how insane life actually is.

Lauren reads in almost every genre. So naturally, her writing reflects that. With every book, every story, you'll find elements of other genres--fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, suspense, YA, women's literature, all with a touch of humour because what doesn’t kill us, should make us laugh.

~ NOTE FROM TAMARA... you seriously have to go and check out Lauren's About Me page on her website - she has an awesome sense of humour!  

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