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REVIEW: Hyde by Lauren Stewart

Today we are excited to introduce you to this fantastic book and share our review for it.  If you haven't heard of it make sure you check it out as it is a great read.  And don't you love the cover?!


To survive, they must embrace what they most despise . . . in themselves and each other.

Mitch Turner is everything women want most in a man—charismatic, successful, drop-dead gorgeous. Except he’s not a man—he’s a monster.

The only way Mitch can protect others from his monstrous side is to stop them from getting too close…that and a 7x7 foot cage. Isolated by his genetic curse, he spends his life hurting people emotionally, driving them away before Hyde can harm them physically. But, after a night of the best sex Mitch has ever had, he realizes that might be impossible. Except the woman he was with claims she doesn’t remember any of it.

Eden Colfax is everything men want most, men other than Mitch, that is. She’s kind, honest to a fault and sickeningly sweet. To rid herself of the monsters that haunted her broken childhood, Eden doesn’t lie, doesn’t curse, and definitely never wakes up naked in strangers’ beds…until the day she does. 

Then the flashbacks start—places she’s never been, people she’s never met, blood she’s never spilled. She discovers she’s split into two parts—the woman she thought she knew and another who is capable of anything. And the only person with any answers is the one man she never wants to see again. 

What neither of them know is that someone is watching them both, manipulating them, determined to see just how evil the two of them really are. And when the truth begins to seep through the cracks, leaving them nowhere to turn but each other, they will be forced into a partnership neither had expected. 

Because in life, who you trust is as important as who you are. And when you can’t even trust yourself, sometimes the only person you can rely on is the last person on Earth you should be falling for.

*** An Urban Fantasy novel intended for adults only, as it includes lots of cursing, descriptive sex, biting sarcasm, and themes similar to those in Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, from which this story was inspired.

Nadine's Review

4.5 Hyde-tastic Stars 

I'll try to keep the spoilers to a minimun but I can't promise that,so decide for yourself if you want to continue reading ;)

Where to start.... Well at the beginning I wasn't sure if I should even read this book because it's nothing new that Hyde is an old topic. Guess if someone had suggested to me to read Frankenstein or Hulk I would have showed him/her the bird- to be honest- cause I'm tired of those topics. Thank goodness a GR friend read the book first and her quotes + review intrigued me A LOT!

First, it took me around 25% to fully connect with the whole story and it's characters. To be honest I was a tad confused because it's written in 3rd person and Stewart writes from many people's perspective (but more to it later). So there's Mitch aka Hyde how he calls himself. He had a rough childhood and got the bad gene from his Dad- poor boy. He is handsome, really handsome and a jerk. He shut himself off to avoid deeper friendships or relationship, to avoid accidents with his other half, which made total sense to me.

Then there is Jolie, aka THE BITCH... yeah I guess you can tell I don't really like her, but you won't either, trust me - too bad I can't tell too much about her and her mission ;) So Jolie has known Mitch since they were teens. They hooked up etc but Mitch realized he didn't have any deeper interest in her and soon even the sex got cut off. Now Jolie works for him as his assistant. Clever girl >.< !! But like I said, she is on a mission...

Then there is beautiful and innocent Eden... Eden had also a rough childhood. Her mother died when she was 8 because of drugs; therefore she jumped back and forth in different foster families. She has a best friend Carter. Carter is in love with her and would do anything for Eden - well that's what I thought, but he's kinda a douche and not as honest as Eden thinks. Unfortunately, Eden can't return the same deep feelings for Carter but still they live together (6yrs later after leaving both their tragic teenage years behind) as friends in a nice apartment in FL. While Carter is away for practical training, Eden starts sleep walking again, or so she thinks....
She wakes up next to a naked Mitch, who had the best sex in his life LOL. Too bad Eden remembers nothing at all how she ended up with Mitch.... that's when Eden and Mitch's story/journey begins

Like I wrote earlier Stewart jumps back and forth between character's POVs and it can be a lil confusing but I got used to it and liked it. The story is totally different than expected. Every character is hiding a secret and in the end, Mitch and Eden realize that they are the only ones they can trust and count on.

Oh and yeah I've read many hot scenes in books but this one particular scene around 69% was the hottest I've ever read. Not because it was in full detail, which it wasn't, but reading boths thoughts and how deeply they connected were mind-blowing. Yeah I admit it, I was drooling ;)

Be aware that the story ends with a damn cliffhanger and you can only continue reading because you really want to find out what's happening next. I don't know if this book is for everyone, but I do suggest reading it if you're into Urban Fantasy books and want to read a different kind of Hyde story.

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About the Author

After earning degrees in Fine Arts and English, Lauren Stewart wanted to see the world. A lack of funds meant that she didn’t get far. She spent two years traveling around Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada—first as a choreographer and then an English teacher—meeting folks from all the places she couldn’t afford to go to. But that time was highly useful—she learned about herself, other people, and how insane life actually is.

Lauren reads in almost every genre. So naturally, her writing reflects that. With every book, every story, you'll find elements of other genres--fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, suspense, YA, women's literature, all with a touch of humour because what doesn’t kill us, should make us laugh.

~ NOTE FROM TAMARA... you seriously have to go and check out Lauren's About Me page on her website - she has an awesome sense of humour!  

Connect with Lauren: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

The next book in this series is Jekyll and Nadine will be posting her review for it in a few days so make sure you stop by to read that one too!  Let me just sounds like another book you will want to 1 click!


This was such a good read that we have decided to give away an ebook copy of it.  The winner will be gifted the book from Amazon.  It is open internationally.


  1. Great review, Nadine!

    I so want to read this series, but I've been waiting and waiting till it's complete. Any idea when book 3 is coming out?

    1. Hey Nora, thanks for stoping by reading and liking my review :)
      Yeah it should be out this summer. not later than mid Aug. On the author's webpage you can even find a teaser -but don't spoil yourself the moment ;)

      Did you sign up to win the book or did you get it already?

  2. OMG thank you for the giveaway and just so you know that I'm being truthful I only happened to but the first two but like I don't like reading series if I don't have the entire series lol.

    1. Hey Marcial, your welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Lauren told me the 3rd book will come out this summer, so there's no ling waiting. Enjoy the book :)



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