Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Court of Thornes and Roses (#1) by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Thornes and Roses (#1)
by Sarah J. Maas
Genre: Romantic Fantasy

When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin—one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow over the faerie lands is growing, and Feyre must find a way to stop it…or doom Tamlin—and his world—forever.

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"Once - long ago and for millennia before that - we had been slaves to High Fae overlords. Once, we had built them glorious, sprawling civilizations from blood and sweat, built them temples to their feral gods. Once, we had rebelled, across every land and territory. The War had been so bloody, so destructive, that it took six mortal queens crafting the Treaty for the slaughter to ease on both sides and for the wall to be constructed: the North of our world conceded to the High Fae and faeries, who took their magic with them; the South to we cowering mortals, forever forced o scratch out a living from the earth."

With ACoTaR I pooped my Sarah J. Maas cherry. It's actually ironic because I bought all her Throne of Glass series as paperback already and bought her follow-up, A Court of Mist and Fury, without having read a single word of hers - yup, I had some faith in this author.

That being said, I barely remember what the blurb said about the book when I decided I start reading it, I was simply fascinated with the cover and thought I've to finally start this series because EVERYONE is raving about. I read this book in two days and took it everywhere with me - I was that fascinated by the world Sarah created. 

I'm a huge fantasy fan, in my opinion, it gives books a special twist that makes my bookworm heart skip a beat. 

Feyre, a young girl that had to grow up way too fast, had to see and feel so much cruelty in her young age, committed a crime she didn't know was a crime. Killing a fae, which was disguised as a wolf. Despite her hate for the fae she killed him (unknowingly) in order to feed and provide for her family. As a result, a High Lord of the Fae came to claim her, because she has to pay her debt for killing a faerie - he took Feyre to the South, away from her family, her misery.

That's when the story really begins.
I've to admit the beginning dragged a bit and I played with the thought to DNF but I didn' want to give up - not just because everyone told me how awesome this story is - but I wanted to trust my instinct that this series got to be fantastic.

Omg, the slow build-up between Feyre and Tamlin was great. Both warmed up to each other and Feyre finally got live a life she deserved. Tamlin showed her a new world; a world that she thought was cruel to humans but his home was everything but that. Both couldn't deny their growing feelings anymore ....until SHE  came and ripped their happiness apart. 

"Because I was human, and I would grow old and - I didn't let  myself get that far as he came closer still. Slowly, as if giving me time to pull away, he brushed his lips against my cheek. Soft and warm and heartbreakingly gentle."

The last few chapters gave me almost a heart attack. If you enjoy romantic fantasies than check out this series - a love that goes beyond, a love that makes your heart beat faster, a love that is like no other.




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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cunning (Infidelity, #2) by Aleatha Romig

Cunning (Infidelity, #2)
by Aleatha Romig
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense 

"He owns you. Whatever he tells you to do you do".

One year. No future. A past that won't go away.

Lennox "Nox" Demetri broke his own rule by making a deal. It may not have been directly with the devil, but that doesn't mean Satan himself isn't watching. Was it fate that brought Charli into his life and his bed? What will happen when rules are broken and secrets are revealed?

"New rules."

Alex "Charli" Collins found pleasure with Nox like she'd never known. That was before she knew his last name. Now that Infidelity is involved and the rules have changed, what will result when real life and fantasy collide? 

Is it really cheating if you're doing it to yourself?

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Remember what I told you all about the jaw-drop at the end of Betrayal? Yup, Cunning doubled that!! Holy cow, Aleatha put some serious twists and turns in this book. What! You've no idea what I'm talking about?!?! Read my spoiler-free review for BETRAYAL, the first book int he series HERE. 

"As I rode the elevator high into the sky and tried to concentrate on my business, one final realization hit me: I didn't own Alexandria Collins. From the first time I saw her in Del Mar, she owned me."

This book, those characters, that plot - it all worked out perfectly. I've to say it again, Aleatha is a master in creating a enticing story that sucks you right in. 

In Cunning more secrets are discovered and revealed, letting the reader in into the word of the corruptions and Montague Manor's occupants. Aleatha added throwbacks of Alexandria's mother, which helped shape the plot, making it stronger, even more twisted. 

Meanwhile, Nox and Alex get to know each other for the second time - after the shock, finding her at Infidelity - he slowly showed glimpses of the man Alex fell for. I loved their sizzling chemistry, Nox's alpha attitude and Alexandria's spark. 

If you love books with a strong plot that keeps on surprising you which isn't only focusing on the romance, characters that entice you and a stellar writing, then Aleatha's Infidelity series is for you! 

"Nox was the oxygen I required to breathe. Inhaling him gave my lungs what they needed, filling me with him."




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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Book Review: Betrayal (Infidelity,#1) by Aleatha Romig

Betrayal (Infidelity, #1)
by Aleatha Romig
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

One week. No future. No past. No more.
Alexandria Collins has one week to live carefree—no ghosts of her past or pressures of her future haunting her. Reinventing herself as "Charli," she is knocked off her feet by a sexy, mysterious man who brings her pleasure like she never imagined. With her heart at stake, she forgets that decisions made in the dark of night reappear in the bright light of day.

"Some of my tastes are unique. They aren’t for everyone. I understand that.”

Lennox "Nox" Demetri is wealthy, confident, and decisive—he knows what he wants. From the first time he sees Charli at an exclusive resort, he knows he wants her. Although he is usually the one to make the rules, together they agree on one: 

One week. No more.

When betrayal comes from those closest to Alexandria, she must decide how far she is willing to go to survive. Choices are not always easy, especially when they involve the heart, body, and soul. After all, Infidelity is a business, and some rules are meant to be broken.
"Is it really cheating if you're doing it to yourself?"

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"Oh princess, you do that doe-in-the-headlight look very well.  . . . But I just f#cked you in the bathroom of a gas station." He pushed me against the dark paneling as his lips covered mine and his tongue took my breath. "That f#ck'n innocent act ...  that shipped has sailed."

To be honest I'd no idea what to expect when picking up Betrayal. All I knew was that it's not as dark and suspenseful as her previous novels; nonetheless, I expected awesomeness, and I got way more than that - she made me a Nox and Charli addict!

Betrayal is the perfect book, starting her Infidelity series. The slow build-up, getting to know the main character, Charli (Alexandria) and snippets of mysterious Nox made this more than a page-turner. The story is written in the present and past, reliving her carefree time in Del Mar as well her horrendous life at her family's estate, Montague Manor. Aleatha skillfully includes secondary characters and whole Montague vibe to give her story a mysterious touch - you just feel that there's something seriously wrong.

"The current Montague Manor was now one of the most admired mansions in the Deep South. Where others saw beauty, I saw a prison and loss of innocence."

Aleatha created a well-crafted novel with a plot that is so skillfully written that you find yourself glued to your e-readers/book. I thought I'm smart and had figured out what's going to happen, but nope. BIG FAT NOPE, because around 80% Aleatha drops a bomb and all I could think was that I didn't see that coming AT.ALL! The book has no huge cliffhanger, but ends with a jaw-dropping moment - be prepared.

And that's what I love - books that surprise me, plots that have depths, characters who do the unexpected and a setting that is more than meets the eye. Aleatha got checkmarks on all accounts from me. 
As soon as I finished Betrayal I clicked Cunning, the second book in the series - I couldn't wait to find out more and again, I'm frigging loving it!

"Charli, I'll never forget you." Taking my chin in his grasp, he said, "I'm not going to tell you which one or that I'm sorry for doing it, but when you discover the rule I broke, I hope you know that it was because of you."




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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book Review: The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantôme

The Bad Ones (standalone)
by Stylo Fantôme 
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance

Love isn't always bright and shiny.

Sometimes, it's dirty and wrong, buried six feet deep in a secret place where only wild things dare to go. Hidden behind a big black curtain that covers things no one should ever see.

Sometimes it happens between two people who should never be allowed to come together. One who is a match, and the other who just happens to be gasoline.

One strike is all it takes to burn the whole world down, and that's exactly what they plan on doing.

Even if it kills them.

Warning: this book contains graphic sex, extremely brutal violence, bad language, and people repeatedly and knowingly breaking the law.

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Ok, it's official, she's done it! Stylo has become one of my top favorite authors, who I'll 1-click without hesitation. Bring on more books, lady!! 

With The Bad Ones she excelled writing a twisted story about two young people who are so messed up that you've no other chance but keep on reading to see what they're up to now, how their story continues, if their love is real, and most importantly if anyone figures out just HOW PSYCHO they really are. 

Gaaaah!! I loved it. About half way through the book I seriously asked myself if I should be concerned for myself because I loved Con and Dulcie. They're a match made in hell and I soaked it all up, their craziness, messed up way of showing their love and devotion for another. 

"His full name was Constantine Masters. It just had an evil ring to it, like a crazy megalomaniac. "

Oh and how right she was! From the outside, these two couldn't be any different. He's the rich popular kid, she's the quiet, poor trailer park trash, who keeps to herself and has a passion for art. But from the inside, these two are the perfect match. Both crave the Darkside, both want to embrace their darkest desires, needs, and wishes. 

It was a brilliant mind-f#ck! They shocked me, they surprised me, they did the unbelievable and got away - freaking brilliant! I enjoyed everything in this book, even the cruel disgusting parts (don't judge).

Stylo wrote another amazing book with unique characters and a plot I didn't see coming. I enjoyed she included his pov in the book, I think it gives a book more depth, more intensity, more of everything. The pace of the story matched the characters and her writing style is addicting - a real page turner.

"So much darkness. Falling in love with this chick would be easy, but surviving each other ... that's an entirely different story."

If you like your books a bit on the dark side, with a sprinkle of twisted craziness, a love that seems too messed up to be real, then this book is for you. These two are soulmates from hell and raise hell wherever they are.



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Friday, April 8, 2016

Book Review: Out of Plans by Stylo Fantôme

Out of Plans (The Mercenaries #2)
by Stylo Fantome
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense


* Find Marc 
* DON'T find Marc 
* Take down a Russian Bratva boss 
* Don't have sex with Kingsley 
* Find Marc 
* Take down a Colombian drug lord 
* Don't fall for Marc again 
* Kill every ..

This is the story of what happens when best laid plans fail, and a vengeful woman is forced to find her own way once again. A bond broken, trust shattered, and too many lies to keep track of find Marc and Lily all out of plans and running out of time. Can they find their way back to each other before trouble finds them first, or is it really the end of their journey?

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"I don't give a fuck why you left. A note? A fucking letter? What are you, a girl? Couldn't do it to my face? Fucking pussy. You're outclassed, De Sant. Get out of my way, or you'll get hurt," she threatened.

Stylo didn't disappoint with the final book in her Mercenaries series, it was as awesome, kick-ass, action-packed and bad-ass as book one. It was a fun ride reading about Lily - who's by far one of my favorite chicks ever - De Saint and my yummy British hottie, Kingsley. 

This book was def no let down, plot-driven, fast paced just like Best Laid Plans and H.O.T! 

After De Sant left Lily behind she made sure to kick his butt and show him who's the boss. She trained hard to become one of the best Mercenaries in order to finish her mission, her goal, her plan: Kill the man who killed her sister!

What makes this such a great series is that the romance seems secondary and you notice how clued you're to your book because you can't wait to find out whether she kills this Russian, kicks De Sant 's butt, get herself killed or not. Additionally, those characters are hilarious. I swear, they say the most random shit ever - I lost count how many times I LOL!

In between all the killings, laughs and action you find some very tender, sweet and aww-moments, too.

"I'm a bad man, Lily. I've done awful things. But you, you are the best thing I've ever done, and I had to do right by you."

Seriously, this is by far one of my most favorite series ever! Stylo's writing is great, flawless, and her plots are intriguing with complex characters. Dumble thumbs up, books I'll recommend on every occasion I get. 



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